Covid – 19 announcements

*Updated 28/02/2022*

We are delighted to welcome you back, and want you to feel confident and safe so you can relax and enjoy your visit to the Regency Hall knowing we have all the correct safety measures in place.




  • Face coverings are no longer mandatory in the building, please feel free to wear one if you wish to.
  • We encourage attendees to large events to carry on with lateral flow testing if possible.
  • You’ll find plenty of hand sanitising stations throughout the building – please use them regularly.
  • To keep you safe, we’ll be cleaning before every class/performance and regularly disinfecting the inside of the building including all high risk, touchable areas.
  • Please be respectful to our staff and volunteers, some may be vulnerable and would like to keep their distance

Please do not enter the building if you …

  • Installation of a Airfit Air purifier:  portable, for use in all rooms
    • Ozone HEPA Air Purifier, Air Quality Monitor and Air Cleaner – kills airborne viruses in seconds. It automatically monitors the air, reports  AT A GLANCE the quality of the air you  are breathing.
    • Automatic air sanitiser that powerfully sterilises 99.9% of all airborne pollutants within minutes including coronaviruses and bacteria that cause infection.
    • Features seven powerful stages of air purification, including UV light to work effectively and take the guess-work out of healthy air.
  • CO2 Indoor Air Quality Carbon Dioxide Monitor – portable, for use in all rooms

  • The  CO2 Indoor Air Quality Carbon Dioxide Monitor  monitors CO2 concentration, humidity (RH) and temperature within an indoor environment. As noted by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), identifying poorly ventilated areas is crucial for reducing the risk of aerosol transmissions and halting the spread of airborne pathogens such as COVID-19. Fitted with an alarm, it alerts when the room requires further ventilation or to limit the footfall through the room.
  • Please note all safety measures are inline with Government Guidelines  and requirements.  We also require all hall users to follow our own Risk Assessment which is on display in the foyer.