Regency Hall Management Committee

The management of The Regency Hall is undertaken by a group of volunteers, many of whom represent organisations who regularly use the building.  They are also the trustees of the charity and management committee meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every month.  In the meeting current issues and the day to day running of the hall are discussed.  There is an annual general meeting every year, generally in April.

The current Trustees/Management Committee are as follows:

Chairman                 Mr Neville Boughton Thomas

Vice Chairman         Mr George Cavell

Treasurer                  Cllr. Mrs Susan Boughton Thomas

Asst Treasurer          Mrs Vee Smith

Secretary                  Cllr. Mrs Rosemary Hayes

Hall Manager            Cllr. Steven John

Committee Members

Cllr. Mrs. Tessa Pearson, Cllr. Steven John, Cllr. David Mc Dermott, Cllr. Mrs Mary Cavell, Mrs. Pauline Hunting, Mrs. L Shuck, Mrs. M Howells, Mr. C Newberry, Mrs Jean Picton, Mrs. Diane Rogers, Mrs Penny Brace, Mr Alan Hare, and Mr Roger Stanford.