Flu Vaccinations 2021

We are starting our Flu vaccination programme with a mass vaccination session at The Regency Hall on Saturday 9th October.

This will be for any patient aged 70 and above only. To ensure the process is as smooth and as quick as possible for everyone we ask that everyone wishing to attend the session on the 9th October completes a basic form (name, address, DOB) which is available as a hard copy from the following locations:-

Saundersfoot Surgery

Kilgetty Surgery

The Regency Hall

Saundersfoot Pharmacy, The Strand

The form can also be printed off from this link Flu Vaccinations 2021 patient details

This form must be completed and brought with you when you attend for your flu vaccine on Saturday 9th October. If you are unable to access the forms via any of the above options there will be forms available to complete at The Regency on the 9th October but we would ask you to make every effort to collect a form before the 9th October.

In order to facilitate the flow of the vaccine delivery we would request you attend according to the below times:-

9am-10am                          70-75 years of age

10am-11am                        75-80 years of age

11am-12.15pm                  80 years and above

1.30pm-2.30pm                70-80 years of age

2.30pm-3.30pm                80 years and above

Please ensure you are wearing a face covering and a short sleeved top when attending.

There will be further updates regarding those 70 and under to follow.


Thank you

Saundersfoot Surgery