Latest update from PCNPA re: Season Tickets 08-07-2020

Some of our National Park car parks are now open, view for further details.


Due to the impact of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has closed its headquarters, we are therefore currently unable to process the payments and issuing of permanent car park season tickets.  In order to facilitate local travel and beach visits, we are issuing a temporary ticket via email. Payment for the ticket will be deferred until we are in a position to be able to process the transaction. When we are in a position to seek payment and issue a permanent replacement ticket, we will contact you using the details you have supplied.  It is therefore vital that your contact details are correct. Assuming that we are able to make contact and successfully complete your payment, a permanent replacement season ticket will be issued by post to replace the temporary ticket.


Please note the following terms and conditions:


  • We will not issue a paper copy of the temporary ticket. You will be required to print a copy of the ticket.  We appreciate this may be difficult for some people but we have no option under the present circumstances.
  • The paper copy of the ticket should be folded on the central line, with the Terms & Conditions on the back of the ticket.
  • The temporary ticket will only be accepted by the patrolling enforcement officers if it is clearly displayed and visible  in the vehicle and used wholly in accordance with its printed terms and conditions of use, and the vehicle itself is parked in compliance with the terms and conditions of any  relevant on site car park notices
  • Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced or refunded.
  • If when we are in a positon to process your payment the contact details prove to be either invalid/incorrect or you fail to respond, the temporary ticket in your possession will cease to be valid. If this ticket is then subsequently found on display in a vehicle, the patrolling Civil Enforcement Officers will disregard its presence with the likely resulting effect being the issue of a fixed penalty notice for failure to display a valid parking permit.
  • 7 days after the permanent ticket has been posted to you the temporary ticket will cease to be valid and if subsequently found on a display in a vehicle the patrolling Civil Enforcement Officers will disregard its presence with the likely resulting effect being the issue of a fixed penalty notice.


If you wish to proceed please e-mail us with the following details:


Full Name

Postal Address

Contact Telephone Number

Please confirm contact E-mail address

Whether you require a £25 (site specific ticket) or a £70 (all National Park car parks)

If requesting a £25 ticket please specify which car park.

Tel: 01646 624800

We hope you understand that the changes we are dealing with are as a result of unprecedented worldwide events, and we appreciate your patience and kindness in your contact with us.